Returns, Payments and Credits.

Sales Taxes

We are required to automatically charge and withhold the applicable GST & WET TAXES for orders to be delivered to addresses within Australia. Each customer shall be solely responsible for all sales taxes, or other taxes including WET TAX, on orders shipped to any other state or country.

Permission to Return and to Receive Credit

Please contact the Monacellars office before returning stock. Stock return due to over ordering will incur a 5% return fee. No returns/credits will be processed if stock is not pre-approved, and which does not have a return delivery docket.

Credit Card Fees

Please note that Orders Placed with Payment by Credit Card on Dispatch have NO FEE for Mastercard and Visa transactions. There is a 3% AMEX fee charged.

If you settle your account using a Credit Card this will incur a 1.5% Fee for VISA & Mastercard, and a 3% fee for AMEX.

New Accounts

All accounts are subject to liquor license application approval in your business name. All new accounts with Monacellars are granted on a COD basis for 3 months, before moving to a 7, or 14 Day account.


Payments can be made by Credit Card on Dispatch or by Cheque on delivery to the Monacellars Driver. Visa or MasterCard payments on Dispatch do not incur a service fee, However Amex does incur a 3% service fee.

Settlement of a 7 Day Account by Credit Card attracts a Service Fee of 1.5% for VISA or MASTERCARD and 3% for AMEX. Payments of a 7 Day account are to be received prior to the next delivery to ensure credit limit is not exceeded.

Dishonored Cheque

A Dishonored Cheque on an account will see our system automatically remove existing terms and the account will become strictly COD.  No future cheques will be accepted and orders will need to be either paid by direct deposit or credit card before dispatch

Payment by Direct Credit/Bank Transfer/Bank Deposit will need a proof of payment faxed before order is released.

 Placing an Order

Placing an order with our Customer Service Team can be done by Phone, Fax, email or our Website M-CENTRAL - your Ordering and Information Hub. Visit to gain access to register on the website or speak to our Monacellars customer service team who can set you up.